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Gregg Lowe • Austin, Tx, CEO of...

By: avautomation | December 6, 2017

We were very impressed with the AV Automation team right from the start. We had several companies bidding on this project, and most were in the same ballpark. What set AV Automation apart was the fact that they spent considerable time listening to us talk about what we wanted in an AV system – then designed the quote around our needs. The work commenced on time, and the communication was great. When issues came up, they were handled professionally, and quickly. The project came in on time, and on budget. The Savant home automation and Lutron lighting control systems are very intuitive to operate – we had 10 guests at Christmas, and all were using the system with no instruction needed! Finally, the AV Automation team treated our house like it was theirs. From wiring to installation to cleanup – every aspect of the job was completed with a distinctive care. We highly recommend AV Automation and would certainly use them again for our next big project!

AV Automation

450 W 2nd St Inside Austin MacWorks Austin, TX

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The Couch Adventure

By: macdco | May 2, 2017

We were in search of a couch. A couch that would fit in our tiny apartment. We traveled to Leons and to The Brick. Instead of finding the couch we need we found rude sales people and ugly stores. After searching and searching, we became tired and disappointed. We spotted the Tepperman's store on Huron and decided to go in. We were greeted at the front door by sales associate 'JACKIE ERNEWEIN' with a giant smile. Sales associate 'JACKIE ERNEWEIN' was very friendly and knowledgeable. Sales associate 'JACKIE ERNEWEIN' gave us plenty of information and guidance to help us make the proper decision on our beautiful new couch and tables. Sales associate 'JACKIE ERNEWEIN' explained the whole procedure for payment of our beautiful new couch and tables. We want to express a huge THANK YOU to Tepperman's and especially an enormous THANK YOU to sales associate 'JACKIE ERNEWEIN'.
Thank you. Please send to Kitchner store manager

Very Professional Service

By: RayvenAlonzo | April 18, 2017

I would definitely recommend this company. They did an amazing work on installing our flatscreen TV's in our store. They were also very professional on explaining of what will be their process of installing. Very happy with the results. Installed it quickly, without a hitch. The price was very fair for their service. Would definitely hire them again.

Multimedia Tech

2700 Travis Street Houston, TX

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After suffer for almost a year I had...

By: GaryD | March 6, 2017

Having bought a tempurpedic bed which cost me a small fortune, I had some of my back problems resolved only to receive other problems. I had been with this mattress for less than a year having informed my sales person there was something weird going on with my upper back for almost a year I had to endure upper back pain which started within the 6 month time frame. I had thought it was my pillow so I had put off the problem since it's a new type of bed for me I thought the problem lay with the pillow chosen. It turns out it wasn't the pillow at all in fact it was the wrong mattress that was written up on the bill of sale. The wrong mattress was delivered and from the 8th month mark I've decided to do a little research, it wasn't the type of mattress at all that I have chosen from the show room. In fact the wrong mattress was delivered and the wrong mattress was written up on the bill of sale. It turns out instead of the semi firm mattress I had originally...


Awesome to say the least

By: geres60 | January 14, 2017

Let’s just say Shand is the best guy to be buying all your audio equipment from. He’s always been a great guy to deal with. I’ve bought my Martin Logan speakers and Yamaha amp and preamp from him and couldn’t be happier with it. Don’t go to any of the big box stores, support him and Canadian.

Audio 5.1

10326 63 Ave Edmonton, AB

category: Home Theatre - Retailers Home Theatre - Retailers

Custom home theater in NYC

By: audiovideoinvasion | October 21, 2016

I have had the pleasure of hiring AVI to build my first ever home theater. Their knowledge of Audio/Video Automation is second to none. I highly recommend AVI to anyone in the market for any small to large scale home theater upgrades or new installations. The team is on point and professional. I have been using AVI now for over 6 plus years and would never think to use anyone else.

Audio Video Invasion

53 Werman Court Plainview, NY

category: Home Theatre - Retailers

dishonest, Incompetent, rude!

By: non-member | February 29, 2016

Total Crooks! I took in a JBL D13) 15" Speaker in perfect shape, except it needed the voice coil wires re-soldered(a common problem). They said it needed a new voice coil and it would take a couple weeks. I trusted their alleged expertise and left it with them. I waited and waited and when I phoned after 3 weeks they sounded annoyed and put me off. I phoned a week later, more annoyed, after 6 weeks they said it was ready. I came in and the aluminum dust cover was completely pushed in.(not slightly dented, fully pushed in) I asked what happened and the fellow (Chad) said that it got pushed in but it wasn't a problem. He said this as he wrote me up a bill which billed me for TWO voice coils.(Yes one of those 2 voice coil speakers!!) His coworker said that actually with a JBL the aluminum dust cap made a difference and they agreed to fix it...(again!) He went up stairs and brought it back with a new dust cover glued over the old one with the glue still wet. They said to take...


Speaker City

1599 W 4th Ave Vancouver, BC

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65" curved TV installation

By: nicerdetails | March 24, 2015

I called Ken to wall mount my 65 Samsung Curved TV not knowing what I was getting into. I was very pleased with the sevice as well as the work for Ken was honest and direct which is lacking now a days. Even after the job he always make sure that everything is satisfactory and extra time and work beyond the job is never a problem. If you want catered service and trust Nicer Detail and Ken is will be the best choice! My family and I enjoyed having you in our home.
"I would definitely recommend Ken's services to anyone wanting to mount a TV to the wall. I bought what I thought would be an easy enough do-it-yourself mount and shelves, but was a bit daunted upon opening the box that I did not have the right tools and things could end up crooked or come loose from the wall. Ken answered my query right away and was promptly able to do a home visit to assess what I was looking to do. In the end, he fixed my room with an even better setup than I was planning, was...


Kudos to the original Myryad M series...

By: non-member | October 19, 2013

I miss the original Myryad people who designed and built my MI120 integrated amp and MC100 CD player, these are great components and sing very well through Merlin TSM speakers connected with Acoustic Zen Cables, interconnects, powers cords and an Audio Magic power conditioner. Who needs to spend many, many thousands when one can put together a budget system like I have that can stomp all over overpriced systems that run ten times the price???? Be smart and buy from reasonable audio experts.....


Toronto, ON

category: Home Theatre - Manufacturers

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